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EF Stories: Emma from France at EF Rome

EF Stories: Emma from France at EF Rome

Why go abroad for 1 year after high school?

I decided to go abroad for 6 months after high school to have more time to think about what I wanted to study, and above all to take a break after the mentally complicated years of high school because of covid.

Why Italian?

I chose to go to Rome to learn Italian because, of all the foreign languages I speak, it's the one I know least well. I'm rather at ease in English and Spanish because I was in the European section and thanks to my LLCE specialization. Italian being only my LV3 my level was rather low.

What do you think of Rome?

Rome is an incredible city with beautiful historic buildings absolutely everywhere, the school is very well located in the center, the food is delicious and the nightlife is very active.

What's your best memory of your stay so far?

I think my best memory of my stay was my second weekend here, when I took part with two friends in a day organized by EF in a small town near Rome. We ate in a very good restaurant, went pedal-boating on a lake and then in the evening on our way back to Rome we went out with some friends to a bar that EF students usually go to.

Do you have a daily routine in Rome?

Yes. I join my friends a little before the start of class for a coffee to get the day off to a good start.

What did you do on Parcoursup before leaving?

I ticked the "Year of Cesure" box and filled in my applications like all the other terminal students.

What are your plans after EF? Are you going to go through Parcoursup again?

I'm not going to go through Parcoursup again, because I've enrolled in a private communications school outside of Parcoursup.

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