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15 signs you studied abroad with EF

15 signs you studied abroad with EF

Studying abroad is an experience unlike any other. It will open doors you never imagined and bring you down paths you never thought you’d take. And while this one decision prepares you for so many of life’s unexpected moments, it’s carried seamlessly into your everyday responsibilities as well.

Today, you find yourself closer to a future you might never have had without studying a new language or seeing more of the world. Whether or not you’re fully fluent in your second language, by studying abroad, you’ve become more confident, cultured, and prepared for life’s adventures.

1. You’ve never been more confident

You figured out how to navigate a country in a language you were still just learning. From shopping for groceries to navigating public transportation, you learned how to handle your business every day and nothing phases you. A world-traveler like you can handle anything life throws at you like it’s no big deal.

2. You’ve seen all the landmarks

You’ve been there, done that. Living like a local in the city of your dreams has revealed so much more than famous landmarks and shopping districts. But if you ever have a friend looking to travel there, you know all about when and how to see them.

3. You still use the My EF app

The website has become an important part of your life. From looking into class schedules to connecting with other students – it’s the hub for all EF students. Checking it daily has become such a habit, you still open it from time to time.

4. Your social media has never looked better

One of the first things you did when you arrived at your destination was snap a photo to share with your friends and followers. Whether it was the coast of Miami Beach or a classic shot of Big Ben in London, you’ve covered all the key views of your destination and it hasn’t stopped since then. Your #tbt is legendary, but the experience taught you how to create the best content of your life.

5. Speaking of social media, the nostalgia is real!

When you scroll through the EF Instagram, you can’t help but feel some serious nostalgia. Before this trip, you never knew you could be homesick for a place you didn’t grow up in.

6. Your friendship circle circles the globe

Did you ever think your best friends would be living in different parts of the world? You don’t just have friends in different area codes, they’re living all over the globe and you’ve already finalized your plans to go visit them!

7. Your next trip away from home is on the house

One of the best things about studying with EF is that you have the chance to keep coming back. You have all the perks of becoming an EF Ambassador – free travel, new experiences, and the opportunity to stay connected with the friends and peers you made abroad.

8. You dream in your second language

They say that dreaming in your second language is the ultimate sign of fluency. Not only can you speak and understand almost anything in your studied language, you have dreams in it too. It’s been so long since you’ve started doing that, it might not even be that unique or noticeable to you anymore.

9. You are a pro at navigation

You’re completely unphased by trying to get around. Whether it’s navigating the subway system in New York, trying to get around with a streetcar in Toronto, or a bus in St. Julian’s, you are a public transportation pro.

10. Your career is on a new path

Work life is an important thing to think about when studying. For most students, the end goal is to find a career they can love and feel well-prepared for. Studying abroad gives you the chance to embrace these changes.

11. Your host family home feels like home

You had a wonderful host family who showed you everything you could need to know about the city. And, after a while, it felt just like home because you spent just as much time visiting friends at the Residence as you did at your host family’s house. You miss the home-cooked food and have even tried out a few of the recipes you learned abroad back in your country.

12. You learned to make your choices wisely

You wanted to go on that excursion to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, plus shop, take a road trip, and eat at every cool restaurant in a 50-mile radius. At some point, you had to make your choices and prioritize what you could or couldn’t do. You figured out how to get the most value for your money, how the manage your budget, and how to extend your travel.

13. You learned an unexpected language

No, I don’t mean the one you went to study. Turns out very few of your classmates had a language in common with you. You worked hard to communicate in your second language but when that failed, you relied on some sophisticated version of grunting, hand gestures, and exaggerated expressions. You’re thinking of writing a book about it. Could be a great tool to pass along to other new students.

14. You miss the EF staff

You made so many friends everywhere. But when it comes down to it, you’re really going to miss the staff. Your teachers, the reception, and the Activities team – they were with you every step of your journey. You’ll never forget them.

15. You feel like a global citizen

When you first signed up for your language course abroad, you were anxious about being so far away from home. But now that you’ve done it, you could not only see yourself living somewhere abroad someday, you’re figuring out how to make it happen someday.

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