Frequently asked questions

Hosting an international student is a big decision, and we’re here to help.

Browse our frequently asked questions, and if you’re not fully satisfied simply contact your local office.

Tips for a successful hosting experience

  • Please be sure that the room is straightened up prior to their arrival. Have the bed made up and ready. It will show them that you really do care about them and are there to make this experience as pleasant for them as it will be for you.
  • If there is already a roommate in the room, please notify them that there will be a new student arriving so that they can clean up their belongings as well and be ready to welcome their new roommate.
  • Double check that the bathroom is tidy. Again, first impressions go a long way and if the students see that the bathroom is clean and straight when they arrive they will be more inclined to keep it that way. It sets a very good precedent.
  • Promote and encourage English in the household.
  • Please do not discuss your personal finances or room and board payments with your students. This information is confidential and can make your student feel uncomfortable.
  • Show your students your house, his/her bedroom, bathroom and other rooms available to the student.
  • Introduce to other family members and roommates.
  • Let your students know where they may find available appliances and make sure they understand how to use them. Do not assume they know; physically show them.
  • Familiarize your students with your house rules (washing clothes, meal times, use of the computer and internet, phone usage, curfew, kitchen hours, house key responsibility, etc.).
  • Agree on when the students may access the washer and dryer. While students are responsible for their own laundry detergent, bleach and fabric softener, please do not make the student pay to wash their clothes.
  • Your students are responsible for keeping their bathroom and bedroom clean. You may assign chores to your students to help keep all communal areas clean and tidy. Set up a method of keeping track of who does what chores. This should be communicated in a warm and friendly conversation and could be followed up in written form depending on the language level of the student.
  • Communication is key! Open communication between you and your student is crucial for a successful hosting experience.