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Top travel destinations 2019: 10 places to visit this year

Making travel plans for the year ahead is one of the best ways to stay motivated and inspired. We’ve drafted a list of the top travel destinations in 2019 to inspire you and to make planning a little easier. Some destinations are familiar old favorites (that we think you should rediscover), and some are new kids on the travel block that just beg to be discovered.

Our top tip? Try to spend at least a few weeks in your destination to really delve into the local culture. Better yet, consider combining your trip with a language course to get the most immersive and meaningful experience.

1. Perth, Australia

Overshadowed by Sydney and Melbourne, this Western Australian city should be on your list for 2019. It’s closer to Europe, the weather is alluring, the beaches always buzzing, and wildlife is immensely diverse (there are even penguins!). And mate, you’ve got to make a stop at Kings Park – an unbeatable oasis of green in the middle of the city.

2. Singapore

This city state continues to be immensely popular. It may be the the incredibly cool (and incredibly Instagrammable) infinity pool on top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, or the countless hawker centers with fantastic food scattered all over the city – Singapore just has that something that lures people back over and over again.

Culturally, Singapore is very happening this year with a sustainable light art festival at the beginning of the year, and Ultra Singapore, a outdoor electronic music festival, in the summer.

3. Miami, USA

Home to pretty palm trees and some of the world’s best beaches, Miami may not be a hidden gem, but it’s a gem nonetheless. With unrivaled weather (it’s balmy and sunny all year-round), and a vibrant, exciting vibe with art, bars, clubs and restaurants galore, it should absolutely be on your travel list for 2019. Even if you’ve been before, it’s reassuring to know that besides some cool new bars and restaurants, Miami is still “the city that keeps the roof blazin’”.

4. Nepal

One for the nature lovers and adventures in 2019. Sandwiched between China and India and home to the Himalayan mountain range, the entire country can feel like one giant postcard – the mountain scenery is truly out of this world. The locals are also lovely and the food fantastic. The country is recovering fast from the devastating 2015 earthquake (and is super welcoming to visitors), so 2019 is the right time to explore Nepal.

5. Seattle, USA

Having undergone a series of revamps in many of its strategic locations, Seattle 2.0 will be on full display in 2019. Travel to the Northwestern corner of the US for a cup in the motherland of contemporary coffee (Seattle is home to Starbucks) and to check out the fabulous views from the freshly renovated Space Needle. Capitol Hill is a neighborhood worth exploring, with an incredible array of options to plan nights.

6. Namibia

This destination has been a firm favorite among seasoned travelers, but remains a bit of a hidden gem for most, so now’s the time to go, particularly if road tripping is your thing. Situated on the southwestern coast of Africa, the country’s deserts are endless, the sights spellbinding, the wildlife unique and camping endlessly fun. On top of all those aforementioned attractions, a number of luxury (though reasonably priced) lodges have recently been opened to accommodate tourists and adventure lovers.

7. Novi Sad, Serbia

Now this is a real hidden gem. Serbia’s prettiest town doesn’t require you to loosen your purse strings. The city has a rich history, with traces of its Austria, Hungarian and Yugoslavian past evident in every corner. The Petrovaradin Fortress and Fruška Gora monasteries are two worthwhile sights in and around the city. It also has a solid selection of museums to visit. Summer 2019 would be the ideal season to plan a journey here, also to soak up the sun along Štrand, the most coveted beach in Serbia.

8. Berlin, Germany

A tourism juggernaut that hardly struggles with a lack of things to do for visitors. It’s famous for its magnificent architecture, world-class museums, bouncy nightlife, and abundance of beer. In addition to all this, the new year signals a major milestone for the city:The Bauhaus Centenary. The 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus art school with last for all of 2019 with numerous exhibitions taking over the town, so if you’re into design or architecture, now is the time to go.

9. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is becoming super popular, so head there before the masses arrive. Costa Rica offers up a unique mix of stunning nature, from rivers, rain forests and beaches to volcanoes. The people are also good-hearted and the vibe very laid back, making it a perfect spot to learn Spanish, for example. Fun fact: part of the reason for why the country is so relaxed and peaceful is that it has no army. This decision dates back to 1949 and has arguably been paying dividends for the country ever since.

10. Lisbon, Portugal

A splendid blend of nice weather, authentic food, cultural treasures, and plenty of affordable attractions. Head over to Belém to experience the botanical gardens or travel east to Alfama for a stunning city-view, or just enjoy the different neighborhoods scattered around this hilly city (taking one of the old trams is also a must!). Have more time on your hands? Learning Portuguese in Lisbon could end up being a real highlight in 2019.

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