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My little bio is brought to you by the letter C: I’m a copywriter, card maker, and coffee drinker who just so happens to be a big fan of all things cake, chocolate, and cats. Born and bred in Switzerland (cheese, anyone?), I’ve spent most of the 21st century in North America (eating burgers). Even though I’m scared of flying, I never pass up the opportunity to pack my bags and add some stamps to my passport. Find me on Twitter with @isabellesagt

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Australia’s hidden gem: Brisbane infographic
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We love every place that boasts almost 300 days of sunshine a year – especially when it’s also one o...

Gateway to paradise: Honolulu Infographic
min read min

Honolulu is the city of mosts – it’s the most remote city of its size in the world, both the western...

An Oasis of cool: Manchester Infographic
min read min

In school, we learned that Manchester was the world’s first industrialized city because of a textile...

Experience Singapore like a local
min read min

This article was inspired by Jeric Adriano’s piece 4 ways to experience Singapore (published on the ...

10 tips to ace a long-distance flight
min read min

Apart from squeezable ketchup bottles and post-its, flying is probably one of the coolest inventions...

Sunshine & Happiness: Eastbourne Infographic
min read min

Meet one of the happiest towns in the UK: Eastbourne is a popular seaside-resort that boasts not onl...

How to find a job with social media: an overview
min read min

There are only about three things that are more convenient without the Internet and looking for jobs...

Let’s taco bout San Diego (Infographic)
min read min

San Diego, also known as the birthplace of California, is home to all kinds of things that make peop...

12 tips to get along with your roommates
min read min

Living with roommates can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experiences that everyone should try at...

10 most romantic things to do in London
min read min

London can easily give Paris a run for its money as the City of Love. To prove it, we picked 10 of t...

The toe of Africa: Cape Town Infographic
min read min

From the stunning Table Mountain to world-famous beaches and waddling penguins – Cape Town is full o...

17 inspiring career quotes you need in your life (now)
min read min

This week, I attended EF’s Careers Beyond Borders in London, where I heard a lot of passionate profe...