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My little bio is brought to you by the letter C: I’m a copywriter, card maker, and coffee drinker who just so happens to be a big fan of all things cake, chocolate, and cats. Born and bred in Switzerland (cheese, anyone?), I’ve spent most of the 21st century in North America (eating burgers). Even though I’m scared of flying, I never pass up the opportunity to pack my bags and add some stamps to my passport. Find me on Twitter with @isabellesagt

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10 reasons to take a gap year now
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gap year _(_gæp jɪr)nounan amazing way to win at lifea period – often before, during or after univer...

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How to Tea: An introduction to British tea culture
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4 reasons why a gap year is the best thing ever
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11 fabulous facts about the Statue of Liberty
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12 tips on how to live with a host family
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Studying abroad is full of adventures – everything is different and exciting, including your new (ho...