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A British tea-drinker, biscuit-dunker and book-lover. Usually found writing in the corner of a café, reading in an obscure library nook or exploring a new city for inspiration. You can follow my writing adventures on Instagram @finola_writes.

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12 expressions about spring from around the world
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This time of year soaks us with new beginnings, bird songs and chocolate bunnies. The Germans have n...

6 ways to stay connected to your international friends while at home
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Forging connections with international friends is both rewarding and challenging. At first, the vast...

12 English words with truly strange origins
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The English language is a curious melting pot of words from across the globe, forged through a mille...

Learn German with these 5 free podcasts
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You dream of conducting a perfect German conversation, but your commitment to it can swiftly disappe...

10 Netflix shows to learn French with
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Hate that empty feeling of guilt setting in after a long Netflix binge? We’ve all been there. Next t...

Take a virtual trip with these 10 travel Instagram accounts
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Instagram is your virtual window to the world. Follow the right Insta-travelers and you can practica...

10 reasons to love Bournemouth
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When people talk about Bournemouth, variety is the keyword. This idyllic seaside town on the south c...

10 reasons to love Bristol
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Named as the best place to live in the UK in 2017, Bristol is a port city straddling the River Avon ...

10 reasons to love Brighton
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Brighton is packed with the kind of vibrance and fun that some might mistake for insanity. Known to ...

Having friends around the world will make you an all-round more awesome person – here’s why
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Why be friends with someone who lives thousands of miles away? Why not just nip around the corner to...