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Born with a severe case of wanderlust, you can find me trying to fill my English passport with new stamps, accompanied by a backpack, my camera and a snorkel. In between dreaming of adventures that combine snowboarding and diving, I'm a travel writer in Bristol and like to tread the thin line between impressive and worrying coffee consumption.

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10 best places in the world to learn a language
min read min

So, you are thinking of learning a new language abroad. Great! You’re about to embark on a journey t...

7 foods you have to eat in the UK
min read min

Here in the UK, we neither have the most reliable weather in Europe, nor do we boast the fine-dining...

Coffee around the world: What to order where
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The best days start with a steaming mug of coffee. Or in an exciting new city or country. Thankfully...

Santa Barbara: the ultimate visitors’ guide
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Take a generous serving of spectacular scenery with both mountains and beaches, and combine it with ...

Cambridge: The ultimate visitors’ guide
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For years on end, a repetitive procession of bookworms and generations of politicians and studious i...

Oxford: The Ultimate Visitors’ Guide
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It’s a safe bet that a city nicknamed ‘The City Dreaming of Spires’ is going to be littered with pre...

Pose, snap, share: an Instagram guide to #Berlin
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Pics, or it didn’t happen! We’ve all heard that phrase thrown around at some point – if you can’t pr...

Dublin: The ultimate visitors’ guide
min read min

When the quaint, cobbled streets are lined with countless taverns filled with Irish men flashing a c...

San Diego: The ultimate visitors’ guide
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San Diego. Home of the super chilled, tousle-haired, and perennially tanned. Here, it’s always summe...

7 best weekend escapes in England
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With so many beautiful cities scattered across the countryside, only a fool would visit England and ...

Bournemouth: The ultimate visitors’ guide
min read min

Boasting a stunning coastline that any instagrammer would die for (#OMG), Bournemouth has been THE u...