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Born with a severe case of wanderlust, you can find me trying to fill my English passport with new stamps, accompanied by a backpack, my camera and a snorkel. In between dreaming of adventures that combine snowboarding and diving, I'm a travel writer in Bristol and like to tread the thin line between impressive and worrying coffee consumption.

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10 celebrities you didn’t know were multilingual
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Celebs: they’re just like us, right? Ok so maybe they have a few (try million) more Instagram follow...

10 blogs to learn English with
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We’ve already brought you our pick of the best podcasts, TV series, and even songs to learn English ...

11 best cities for your post-graduation trip
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Congratulations, all that studying and paper-writing is over! With graduation come not only more sle...

5 holiday destinations that are also great to live in
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Do you ever think to yourself ‘Oh boy, I could really get used to life here’ when you’re on holiday?...

10 celebrities that have studied or taught abroad
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Celebrities, they’re just like us except with better hair and a prettier Instagram feed. They love t...

10 best student spots in London: From food to music
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From the best cheap-eats to the coolest art or music venues, we’ve scoured London in search of the p...

Go-to meals for host families
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Sharing your culture with your international students at meal times is an easy way to welcome them i...

10 destinations to visit before you turn 30
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When you’re young, it’s easy to drop everything and jet off to explore the world, and if you’re stud...

How to travel on a budget: Our 9 best tips
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Exploring exotic places doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you certainly don’t need to win the lotte...

10 best places in the world to learn a language
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So, you are thinking of learning a new language abroad. Great! You’re about to embark on a journey t...

7 foods you have to eat in the UK
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Here in the UK, we neither have the most reliable weather in Europe, nor do we boast the fine-dining...

Coffee around the world: What to order where
min read min

The best days start with a steaming mug of coffee. Or in an exciting new city or country. Thankfully...