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Dublin is the Silicon Valley of Europe – and the hot new place to study English

Dublin is the Silicon Valley of Europe – and the hot new place to study English

English is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, so when it comes to picking a city to learn it in, there’s almost too much choice. London and New York are the obvious choices, and then there’s every other city in England, but there’s another lively and friendly capital city, which offers fantastic schooling opportunities: Dublin. Branded Europe’s Silicon Valley, Ireland’s rapidly-growing startup and technology scene makes Dublin the only place to study English if you want to join in the tech boom.

Tech companies call it their home away from home

With tech giants like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and Etsy setting up their European headquarters in Dublin, the area around the Grand Canal Dock is known as the Silicon Docks. It’s become a hive of activity, attracting everyone from internationally-established corporations to tech startups, and it’s estimated that over 7,000 tech professionals work in the area. Work experience, internships, jobs… there are fantastic opportunities here to kick-start your career if you’re interested in big tech.

It’s long been a center for learning

Dublin has more than its fair share of universities, including the famous and prestigious Trinity College, established in 1592. With its rich a history of education, modern-day students enjoy experiences in a city built on a foundation of learning and knowledge. These days, with such a prominent technology scene, the annual calendar is filled with talks, summits, and conferences led by the great minds of our time, constantly bringing cutting-edge technology and the forefront of research to Dublin. It’s the place to be to get ahead!

Young and bustling

Dublin is one of the youngest capitals in Europe, so ambitious graduates and knowledge-hungry twenty-somethings are everywhere. Following the flow of young talent, Dublin has new, funky pubs, a wide range of gastronomy options, and a buzzing nightlife to rival some of the biggest cities in Europe.

Dublin is heaving with culture

Life in Dublin promises never to be dull. It’s an international city, with all the amenities of a European hub, but still boasts the cozy feel of a hometown. Fill your downtime discovering the world-class music scene around Temple Bar, just south of the river, as local musicians pick up a guitar or a violin and belt out a few tunes to a crowd just as eager to sing along. (Yes, ladies, it’s just like “P.S. I Love you.”) The list of reasons to love life in Dublin goes on, so, for more ideas on what to do and where to visit, check out our Ultimate Visitors’ Guide to Dublin.

The Irish are among the friendliest people in the world

The characteristic hospitality and ‘craic’ that the Irish are famous for (plentiful jokes and good chat) is never more than a few feet away, and every pub, shop, and music venue is practically guaranteed to be housing at least a handful of charming characters happy to have a laugh. Dublin is a fantastic place to stay with a host family during your course; endlessly friendly and talkative, the local families welcome students into their homes with open arms and are happy to chat away at all hours, cementing your grasp of English even faster.

The rest of Ireland has so much to offer

Just outside the city, lush green landscapes littered with tiny villages and rugged coastlines bashed by Atlantic swells await, just begging to be explored. Ireland might be a small country, but it’s certainly a naturally beautiful one. Whether you want to head for the hills and hike through vast national parks, search for the perfect pint of Guinness in a quaint and charming pub, take a road trip around the coastal roads or even set off in search of some of the Game of Thrones filming locations, Ireland’s got it all.

Think Dublin might be the perfect place for you? EF Dublin is located in an elegant mansion in the city’s historic quarter, just off Fitzwilliam Square. Watch our campus video for further insight into life in Ireland’s capital at EF Dublin.

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