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Born with a severe case of wanderlust, you can find me trying to fill my English passport with new stamps, accompanied by a backpack, my camera and a snorkel. In between dreaming of adventures that combine snowboarding and diving, I'm a travel writer in Bristol and like to tread the thin line between impressive and worrying coffee consumption.

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10 hidden gems in San Diego
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Ah, San Diego, the undisputed home of surf, sun and superb fish tacos. One of the most popular place...

10 fascinating facts about the world’s coolest cities that make for great conversation starters
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Think you know everything you need to about some of the world’s coolest cities? Think again! These e...

10 reasons why studying a language abroad is better than at home
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It’s one thing to learn the theory of a language and study vocab from a textbook at home, but it’s a...

Here’s how to help your child learn a new language faster – 5 tips
min read min

It’s no secret: Learning a language can really help your child get ahead in life. It strengthens CVs...

10 reasons why travel is the best education (and why life without it would be dull)
min read min

Leaving your own four corners and setting out into the world is the best decision you’ll ever make. ...

The surprising reason everyone should live abroad at least once
min read min

The opportunities for travel are great, the new experiences you have are fun, the people you meet ar...

It’s time to start preparing for your trip – here’s how
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Moving abroad is hugely exciting and filled with endless opportunities for learning, adventure and p...

How to pack for a year abroad (and why you should start getting ready now)
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When it comes to packing for an extended period of time away, there is no such thing as ‘too soon’. ...

How to live like a local (and feel at home from day one)
min read min

It’s easy to feel alone, confused and even a little scared when moving to a new city. It takes a whi...

Travel like a pro: Packing checklist for any kind of trip
min read min

We’ve all been there – arriving at our destination after a long journey only to unpack and realize t...

Why a summer abroad is the best idea ever
min read min

Dreaming of summer? Yeah, us too. Those long, sunny days and the huge break from class… Sigh. It can...

Dublin is the Silicon Valley of Europe – and the hot new place to study English
min read min

English is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, so when it comes to picking a city ...