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What is a Pathway Manager?

Pathway Managers are unique to EF Academy. We are similar to a traditional school’s Guidance Counselors, but we do much more to ensure that all of our students receive the support that they desire and deserve. Pathway Managers act as the main communication hub for all of EF Academy.

With the student’s well-being and success as the focus, we provide crucial communication to and from parents and family members to connect them with our teachers, coaches, club leaders, administrators, residential advisers, university advisers, social workers, nurses and more. We are one team and families are entrusting EF Academy to take care of and educate their children. Hence, Pathway Managers take their role as educators and “stand-in parents” very seriously.

In addition to fulsome communication, Pathway Managers support the students under their care in three key areas:

Academic support

  • Schedule building and changes, academic program advising, steps towards university/college preparation
  • Academic support through one-on-one meetings, tutoring coordination, Pathway Manager-teacher collaborations
  • Growing healthy teacher-student relationships and instilling confidence in our students

Social and emotional support

  • Identifying roadblocks to success and addressing them
  • Connecting students with professional services
  • Listening without judgment and providing honest guidance

Goal-setting and personal achievement

  • Introducing structures that allow students to see how they can achieve their goals
  • Enabling students to become their own problem-solvers

High school can be a time for students to make mistakes and develop good habits for their future. We hope to empower all our students to create pathways to success that build on their innate skills, develop new skills and work through their challenges. We do that through providing framework for creating goals, guiding students with taking the steps to achieve these goals, and helping to catch our students that may falter when attempting to chase their goals. On a daily basis, we are preparing students for university and the real world beyond.

We are also here to take feedback on ways EF Academy can improve or specifically ways EF Academy can improve for that student on a case-by-case basis. Pathway Managers can work with social workers, residential advisers or other key faculty/staff to provide targeted social-emotional support that allows students to have healthier relationships.

We believe happy students often lead to successful students who can grow, be present, innovate and be impactful on and off campus. We are the smiling faces that cheer on our students through their successes and we are the voice of encouragement that advocates for our students if they falter. Pathway Managers are educators outside the classroom who are dedicated to helping your child succeed during their time at EF Academy and preparing them for their future lives.

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