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Mastering the IB with these simple tips

Peruse multiple IB forums online and you can come up with one definite conclusion: the IB is an extr... Read more

How to be a successful intern from application to the last day

Doing an internship for the first time can be a wonderful, but stressful experience. It is a unique ... Read more

EF Academy New York offers comprehensive test prep options

Preparing for standardized tests can be an arduous task, particularly for students who come to EF Ac... Read more

Making an important decision: Which university to attend?

Visiting a college that you really want to go to is important. This is because what you get to see o... Read more

A-Z of EF Academy New York

A-ambassador The ambassador program is one of the most successful programs in this school. We have a... Read more

The do’s and don’ts of mock exams

A lovely piece by our student Angelina on how to best prepare for those upcoming mock exams! “Knock,... Read more

Small EE tips that might save you from headaches

IBY2 student Renato Zimmerman of Brazil, writes about his experience with the Extended Essay. The Ex... Read more

12 reasons not to choose the IB

Caught your attention? Khoa Thien Le, IBY1 student from Vietnam writes in jest the reasons why you m... Read more

Five ways to make the most of the IB

Diverse friendships It’s easy to spot the pattern that everyone else seems to follow, which is to st... Read more

Revision tips for your everyday life

It’s December. When Father Christmas rides across the rooftops, he also drops tonnes of revision pac... Read more

A letter to my first year self

“Don’t stress so much!” I wish I could say that, but stress is probably an inevitable thing. It show... Read more

Design thinking: Creativity, innovation and empathy in the 21st century

Take a look inside revolutionary companies like Apple and Google and you’ll see more than bright min... Read more