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EF Intensive Program
EF Intensive Program

EF Intensive Program

Increase the intensity and make faster progress with a more personalized program.
32 Lessons / week
(40 minutes each lesson)
16 General Language Lessons
04 Project sessions
10 Special Interest Lessons (SPINs)
02 Lecture Sessions
  • Level:
    Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced
  • Length:
    6 months / 9 months / 11 months
  • Start Date:
    September / November / January / April / June

Make maximum progress
Our Intensive Program offers you the maximum amount of learning time every week. You’ll enjoy additional personalization options, challenging academic projects, a wider variety of teaching staff and much more – and as a result, your skills will skyrocket.

Learn around the clock
You’ll learn in the most effective way – by developing skills in the classroom and applying them to real-world situations – and demonstrate what you’ve learned through engaging projects.

A specially-designed curriculum
Make maximum progress during your studies with a highly-structured curriculum that will have you speaking and writing with confidence. Lessons are held in the morning and afternoon, blending classroom and online learning. Total tuition time is 21 hours and 20 minutes per week.

Specify your studies with SPIN Lessons
As our most popular program option, EF’s Intensive Program provides 10 SPIN Lessons, which can be personalized to suit your specific interests and aspirations, both online and offline. With over 150 SPIN Lessons to choose from, they enable you to focus on specific language terminology that may be highly useful for your future career. Want to become a doctor? Take our Medical Language SPIN. A lawyer? Choose the Legal Language SPIN.

EF Learning Guarantee
EF's Learning Guarantee
You'll advance one course level every six weeks when you attend all your classes and complete every assignment; you may move more quickly depending on your progression. Our method will guarantee that you make maximum progress – otherwise, you'll study for free until you do. *This may vary for languages other than English