Study in Spain with EF and immerse yourself in the rich cultural traditions and creative cities of one of Europe’s most vibrant nations.

Trends in the fine arts, design and fashion are churned out of Madrid and Barcelona with regularity, but the time-honored traditions of the mid-day siesta, colorful flamenco dance and the flashy fearlessness of the bullfight still define this sun-soaked nation. Study in Spain for an extended period and you’ll go beyond tourism to discover a country blending a proud heritage with an ambitious present. You’ll learn how to navigate the stalls of Barcelona’s massive La Boqueria market and the simple methods to cooking traditional Spanish tapas. Uncover traces of Salvador Dali’s influences on the Costa Brava and Pablo Picasso’s inspirations in his hometown of Malaga. Sip sangria and people watch from a sidewalk café in a crowded Madrid city square and pledge your allegiance to Real Madrid while cheering from the stands at the legendary Bernabeu stadium. Just don’t forget your beach towel; the Mediterranean shore is minutes from the city centers of both Barcelona and Malaga.

Study in Spain at our Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga language schools.

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