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EF Stories: Sonia from Italy at EF Paris

We asked our students to share their experiences: what did they love most about their stay abroad? Which activities did they participate in? What do they feel like saying to those who are about to leave? Here's what they tell us!
EF Stories: Sonia from Italy at EF Paris

I am Sonia and I went to Paris with EF for 5 weeks in 2021 and it was "unforgettable"! I chose to stay with a family to better immerse myself in the French language and culture, and I couldn't have made a better choice!

Paris, in addition to being a very beautiful and evocative city aesthetically, really has an efficient metro system that allows you to visit it without problems and reach museums, parks, etc. in just a few minutes. The school is also strategically located to be able to visit the city between one lesson and another. The school organized many activities and during my stay, I went for a day to Versailles where I visited the Palace and the Gardens. With another activity, I had the chance to visit the famous cliffs of Étretat and the town of Honfleur. Also, within the school building, events were organized like the "crêpe evening" where I participated with some friends I met there, and it was a wonderful evening!

One evening we went for a picnic under the Eiffel Tower and even though I had seen it many times over those weeks, seeing it illuminated had a completely different effect. There, I realized I was finally in Paris, living my dream!

These weeks made me realize how wonderful it is to challenge oneself and step out of one's comfort zone, to meet new people and become independent. Are you unsure whether to leave or not? Don't think about it and go! Stepping out of your comfort zone is always a moment of growth, and looking back, you'll be proud of yourself! You will meet many people from all over the world, form new friendships, and experience unforgettable moments!

Living away from home, challenging oneself every day, and interacting with new people are all essential pieces for my future. Moreover, upon my return, I took and passed the exam for the DELF B2 certification.

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