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EF Stories: Jennifer from Germany in EF Singapore

Jennifer is all about fitness, food and travel. She is a trained sports and fitness merchant and lives by the motto "Design your life so that it makes you happy". By the way: Thanks to her bodybuilding hobby, she has already been on Albanian TV. Cool, isn't it?
EF Stories: Jennifer from Germany in EF Singapore

"I want to go back!"- These are the first words that come to my mind about my EF stay in Singapore. I would like to tell you why in this blog article:

When I arrived at the airport, I only realized that I really dared to take this step. For a short moment I had some doubts, but they were immediately interrupted by the EF driver who picked me up. A very nice older gentleman welcomed me. He drove me to my host family, who greeted me just as warmly. I could never imagine living in such a real extended family (parents, housekeeper, 2 host siblings and 9 other exchange/EF students from all over the world) before, but it was wonderful! I enjoyed never being alone because there was always someone around to do things with me.

Once I arrived at my school, things continued just as positively: I received a very nice welcome and got to know a few students right away in my first lesson, with whom I spent my entire stay.

The EF school is not comparable to my school in Germany. It starts with the staff and teachers: Everyone is always available and there for you. The classes are super exciting e.g. discussions in the Business English class, interesting lectures in my History class and as my elective I had Mandarin. The newly learned material would be repeated in the iLab (computer) class. By the way, English is spoken in Singapore.

Singapore is a fascinating city-state, which has a diversity that I have never experienced in any other place. In Singapore you can experience all kinds of things!

For all nature lovers there is for example the Mac Ritchie Reservoir, which is perfect for hiking. You can also watch little monkeys and cross the Tree Top Walk (a 25m high suspension bridge).

If you prefer to experience the typical tourist destinations, you should definitely check out the Light & Water Show in front of the Marina Bay Sands. Equally impressive is the light show at the super beautiful Gardens By The Bay Park.

For all the shopping queens, I can also recommend the huge variety of shopping malls - there is something for every budget. But my favorite destination was Sentosa Island. There you will find Universal Studios, a breathtaking cable car and beautiful beaches.

The bottom line is that I could talk about Singapore for hours. It was a great experience for me to improve my English in such a special place - which worked out very well, by the way! My stay was one of those moments you will never forget!

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