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EF stories: Charlotte from France at EF Barcelona

EF Barcelona - Duration of the stay: 5 months.
EF stories: Charlotte from France at EF Barcelona

Discover the testimonial of our student Charlotte - EF Barcelona, duration of the stay: 5 months.

1.Why did you choose to study with EF?

I was looking for an organization that would allow me to perfect my Spanish so that I could later study in Spain. After a detailed study of all the organizations, EF provided the best training and the opportunity to take language exams.

Additionally, this organization offers us the opportunity to learn specific vocabulary in certain fields (such as commerce), which is very useful for future studies.

2.What aspect of your stay was the most successful?

Thanks to this stay, I believe I have put into practice the theory I knew. It is now more natural for me to express myself orally and to understand others.

3. Which EF activities/excursions did you enjoy the most?

I loved the excursion that allowed us to see the Bunkers of Carmel. At night, this place offers an extraordinary view, 360 degrees of all of Barcelona. This place allowed me to learn more about the history of Spain, specifically the Civil War.

I also visited the Gothic Quarter of the city. These activities allowed me to immerse myself in the culture of this country.

4. What memories do you have from your language stay?

During this stay, I was able to make friends from all over the world: from Norway, Sweden, Italy, the United States, and also from France. For example, I remember going to Tarragona for a day with four of my friends. We visited the city, its amphitheater, and all its streets.

Another time, for my friend Lola's last day, we had a "girls' night" in one of their apartments. I think I've never laughed so much in my life. Also, when we went to the Bunkers of Carmel, at the top of a hill, and it took us an hour to descend on small stairs in the dark. Every little noise scared us, and then we would laugh.

And simply put, my best memories are the moments spent with my friends in a bar, the residence, or on the beach.

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