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Homesick & hungry? 10 places to feel better in Brighton

Homesick & hungry? 10 places to feel better in Brighton

Living abroad for the first time is one of life’s greatest experiences – but sometimes it can also feel like one of the biggest challenges. That’s why in this series I’m showing you places you can hang out with friends and enjoy some home-style comforts while you’re living in another country. Last time I covered Bristol, now it’s time for Brighton!

1. For Japanese students: Sushi Garden

Any Japanese students in need of some traditional fare should get themselves to Sushi Garden right now. This bistro-style restaurant on Preston Street looks like it’s been lifted from the streets of Tokyo, with an appropriately cultured vibe that hits all the right notes. It’s closed from mid-afternoon on weekdays but reopens again at 5:30pm, just in time for post-study dinner.

2. For French students: Mange Tout

The Frenchest name in Brighton isn’t all this casual restaurant offers: try the delicious Eggs Benedict and sit in the south coast sun as you’re served by actual people speaking actual French. It’s even got some rave reviews from French customers, and if that’s not a seal of approval then I don’t know what is. Find it on Trafalgar Street on the North Laine.

3. For North African and Middle Eastern students: Taste of Sahara

Despite the name, this Arabian eatery on Western Road doesn’t serve just sand. Tuck into dishes like kebab, lamb tagine, falafel and lamb chops – all manner of Middle Eastern and Lebanese fare – with the option of bringing your own alcohol if you want to.

4. For Italian students: Casalingo

Italian students will feel instantly like they’re back in Italy thanks to Casalingo’s homely, family-run feel. Some customers stay for hours just to soak up as much of the traditional Italian feel as they can, although you probably shouldn’t do this all the time as they might politely ask you to leave and then things could get super awkward. You’ll find it on Preston Street, near Regency Square.

5. For Thai students: Tookta’s Cafe

This tiny Thai takeaway on Spring Street (just off Western Road) is all about the food, so go there expecting a cute cafe setting that’s totally unpretentious and you’ll feel right at home. Customers rave about the curry so much it’s got a five-star rating on Google Reviews, which means either the staff are bribing the customers or it’s really that good.

6. For Argentinian students: LatinoAmerican

Make sure you dress appropriately for this classy Argentinian restaurant on Church Road, because it’s a swanky affair despite the abundance of sandwich-based dishes. As you’d expect, the steaks are as good as any you’ll find in Argentina – perfect if you’re a South American student missing the meat from south of the equator.

7. For Spanish students: Olé Olé

If you’re from Spain and haven’t been to this cool and cosy tapas bar on Meeting House Lane, get yourself there ASAP. The interior looks like it’s been lifted from the streets of Barcelona, and there are Flamenco shows to entertain you while you munch on some of the city’s most delicious tapas.

8. For Brazilian students: Casa Brasil

As anyone who’s been to Brazil knows, Brazilians love lots and lots of food – and this lively chain restaurant on The Boardwalk certainly delivers. Trained Passadores (meat chefs) continually walk past your table and offer new cuts of delicious grilled meat, which is dangerous if you can’t say no to food. Also amazing: the pão de queijo.

9. For Chinese students: China Garden

This restaurant on Preston Street is one of the longest-standing purveyors of Chinese food in Brighton, so you can head there after a long day of studying safe in the knowledge you’re in for a treat. If you manage to get there before 4pm, they serve dim sum every day – and as science has frequently proven, dim sum makes everything feel better. Fact.

10. For German, Swiss and Austrian students: The Dog Haus at Patterns

OK, so technically this isn’t a German, Swiss or Austrian restaurant – but it does have a sort of German name and it serves wurst, so that’s basically the same thing. I mean, this is Brighton not Berlin: we need to take what we can get. Find The Dog Haus on Marine Parade and prepare to feast on gourmet hotdogs until you slip into a food coma.

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