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Why learn English in Canada

Why learn English in Canada

Canada has long trailed other sought-after destinations for English language learners (we’re looking at you, US and Australia!). However, it’s a country that deserves to sit at the top of the list of places to learn English. Why, you ask? Here’s why you should consider learning English in Canada.

Multiple pathways

Looking to study at an English-speaking university? Successful graduates of our University Preparation program are guaranteed entry into international partner institutions, including in Canada. Here, tertiary education is academically rigorous, internationally recognized, and run by world-standard educators.

On the other hand, students looking to gain work experience (rather than study at a tertiary level) can find opportunities through the Working Holiday partner program – just check if your country has an agreement with Canada.

Less red tape

Want to complete a language courses of six months or less (that isn’t part of longer program)? You don’t need to apply for a study permit in Canada. Plus, international students who’ve finished their studies and wish to stay in Canada and work may be eligible to apply to stay. In fact, Canadian visa and migration programs are generally easy-to-understand and free of excessive red tape.

The good life

Canada is a safe and stable country, and was ranked the 6th safest place to live in the world by The Global Peace Index. Big cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are also among the world’s top 50 study destinations, in an evaluation that considers affordability, positive perception among future employers, and program diversity.

In general, Canada has a high quality of life with a cost of living below other highly sought-after study abroad options – including the UK and the US.

Enjoy the four seasons

Canada’s four seasons are straight out of a children’s picture book, and will prove particularly delightful to students from the Southern Hemisphere who haven’t experienced much seasonal differences in their own countries.

When in Canada, you’ll experience warm summers, long days of picnics, sightseeing, hiking and swimming. Kaleidoscopic fall brings crisp air, purple, yellow and orange leaves. Winter, while cold, fascinates with sparkly, icy winters and sports like skating, skiing, tobogganing, and snowshoeing.

Spring is the season of the maple sap harvest, and is thus full of festivals and opportunities to taste the wonder that is real Canadian maple syrup.

Natural splendor

With 347 million hectares of forest (making up 9% of the world’s total), a huge percentage of Canada is unpopulated, leaving precious virgin woods and mountainous regions bursting with lakes, wetlands, wildlife, and plant life.

While studying in Canada, make sure you use your vacation and weekends to explore as much as you can: skiing, hiking, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, whale watching, or horseback riding.

The Rocky Mountains, Northern Lights, 47 National Parks and Reserves, plus Niagara Falls are other options to fill your time in Canada.

Culture and sports galore

Maybe the outdoors isn’t really your thing? You’ll still love Canada. The locals love having a good time, and the multitude of cultural and food festivals throughout the country – thanks to its long history of migration – is a testament to that.

Vancouver never stops celebrating (think theater, children’s arts, queer film, and writer’s festivals), while Quebec is always ready to show off its French-speaking arts and culture.

Meanwhile, Toronto is split across 140 memorable neighborhoods, chock-full of entertainment and cultural events.

Add to the mix the theater of speed and ice that is Canadian hockey (don’t forget to pick your team!), and you’ll never be lost for options.

And did we mention friendly locals with the most charming, laid-back accent? Yeah, there’s that too.

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