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How to memorize new vocabulary faster: 9 tips
5 min read 5 min

No matter how good your grammar is, if you don’t know any words that you can use it with, you (liter...

7 English words that nobody uses anymore (but totally should)
2 min read 2 min

Rarely has a language been such a linguistic Frankenstein as English – it has stolen words from coun...

12 funniest words in English
1 min read 1 min

It’s a slightly bonkers challenge to try to identify the funniest words in English out of a vocabula...

10 most difficult words in English
min read min

English can be a real pest, and even native speakers find themselves stumbling over some stubbornly ...

12 weirdest words in English
min read min

It’s not that hard to find a few weird words among the approximately 750,000 words that make up the ...

7 common English phrases that even native speakers get wrong
min read min

From a “doggy-dog world,” to nipping problems “in the butt,” these are the expressions you’re probab...

10 weird and totally relatable words in 10 languages
min read min

Part of the magic of learning a new language lies in discovering peculiar and unique new words. No m...

13 Japanese words with no English translation
min read min

Whether it’s seeing majestic Mount Fuji from your window on a bullet train, eating your weight in Ka...

9 British slang words you need to know
min read min

If there’s one essential thing you need to get a firmer grasp on UK culture, it’s knowledge of the s...

13 beautiful words with no English translation
min read min

English may have over 750,000 words, but it doesn’t always offer up the best words for a concept or ...

G’day, mate: 10 Aussie expressions to master
min read min

In honor of Australia Day (celebrated on the 26th January) and our laid back brothers and sisters Do...

12 most beautiful words in English
min read min

English is a language with an unusual backstory, a fascinating history and a vocabulary that’s unriv...