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13 totally relatable French expressions
4 min read 4 min

The French language is beautiful, sexy and suave. But it’s also thoughtful and intelligent. The Fren...

Why learn French
min read min

French is beautiful. It makes pastries like croissants and pain au chocolat sound like drops of heav...

10 hidden gems in Paris
min read min

Ah, Paris! There’s nothing more sophisticated than strolling through ancient streets lined with swan...

5 easy ways to learn French from home
min read min

Being stuck at home is a pain, but that’s no reason to give up on your dream of learning French. Wit...

Paris like a Parisian: 9 insider tips for summer
min read min

Every season in Paris has its appeal and summer is no exception. The summer months are a great time ...

10 best summer cities in the world
6 min read 6 min

Life’s just better when the sun is shining. To get you ready for another epic summer, we’ve compiled...

10 reasons to love Nice
min read min

Often overshadowed by Monaco’s elegance and St. Tropez’s glamour, Nice is due more credit than it is...

9 things you realize when living in Paris
min read min

There is nothing like being a true connoisseur of Paris – knowing the ins and outs of the city and t...

5 best bakeries in Paris and vocab you need to know
min read min

Step inside a Parisian bakery, and you’ll experience a magical whirlwind of warm buttery croissants,...

How to fit in in France: 8 dos & don’ts
min read min

Ah, France – the home of crispy baguettes, delicious pastries and exquisite wine. France is all abou...

Paris or Nice: Which city is more you?
min read min

Would you rather work on your tan or polish your sense of fashion? Will you be seduced by the ever b...

Football facts: 7 things you must know about France
min read min

You can’t kick off the football season without knowing your football facts – you risk making a fool ...