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3 reasons why I learned French (and why you should too)

3 reasons why I learned French (and why you should too)

“Don’t just stand there with your Eiffel Tower smile. Tell me you love me, and tell me in French. ” ― Jarod Kintz

“Why would you ever learn french – you will never use it!” is a phrase I’ve heard multiple times from my friends who chose to study Spanish. Well, French is actually the national language in 28 countries, and is widely spoken around the world. And, well, who actually believes that quantity ever beats quality? The dense amazingness that is France will intimidate even the bravest Spanish bull fighter.

1. Francophilia

Francophilia: A strong fondness for France and everything French. Growing up, I spent more time vacationing in France than any other place. I spent my first birthday at Château de Nieuil outside of Bordeaux, and I clearly remember my 8th birthday breakfast by the water in the Côte d’Azur. We spent most of our time in the South or in Paris, but we have also went on road trips through the country, spent an Easter on Corsica, rented a house in a small fishing village in Bretagne and lived on a small boat, roaming the beautiful French canals. Both of my parents lived in France in their younger years, and their still-flaming love for France has passed from their DNA to mine and my siblings’, making us crave pain au chocolat, crêpes and Croque Monsieur by nature. All these factors put together makes mastering and learning the French language a pretty obvious choice.

2. Fashion

Paris is the fashion capital of the world, and the home of Haute Couture (very fancy clothing!) and Chanel, Balmain, Christian Lacroix, Hermes, Christian Louboutin, Lanvin, Céline and Balenciaga all represent areasons why I love the city as well as its language. It doesn’t matter if I go vintage shopping in Marais or shoot street style for magazines around Paris, the feeling of being part of the alluring fashion industry, through the language and culture that defined it, has always soothed me. Attending Paris Fashion Week is still a dream I am working on fulfilling, and when I do, I will charm Mr Louboutin off his feet (and out of his fabulous shoes!) with my français parfait.

3. Romance

France, and especially Paris, have always been associated with love. But to me it’s not only the love, but the romance of things that stands out. French culture is romantic in so many ways, even the details ooze romance: from tiny and beautifully well-made lemon macaroons, to a walk on the “Love Lock Bridge” (also know as the Pont des Arts). The French language carries this exact atmosphere with it, and makes hearing Je t’adore (“I love you”) a life-changing experience, watching the quirky and super cute “Amelie de Montmartre” a delight, and simply setting your sights on the Eiffel Tower something truly heartwarming.

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