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Voices of Empowerment: Insights on International Women's Day

Voices of Empowerment: Insights on International Women's Day

This is a very special collaborative blog commemorating International Women's Day (IWD). In celebration of the remarkable contributions and achievements of women everywhere, we are thrilled to present a collection of heartfelt testimonials from members of our staff and online English teachers. We asked them a simple yet profound question: What does International Women's Day mean to you? Their responses reflect a diverse tapestry of experiences, perspectives, and inspirations. From personal anecdotes to powerful reflections, these testimonials offer a glimpse into the impact of IWD on individuals' lives and the broader global community. Join us as we honor the spirit of empowerment, equality, and progress, embodied by International Women's Day.

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Sangeetha K. 

To me, International Women's Day is very important, as it is the day when media and governments highlight the power of women in the economy, science, technology, arts, various industries, and, most importantly, on the home front. With this, the contributions made by women are showcased to the world, thereby showing their strengths. This day inspires me to become stronger and have aspirations for the future. This day is a celebration of womanhood in all its glory and all the roles that women play in life!

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Loni R.  

Empowering and supporting women in an English learning environment involves ensuring equal opportunities, promoting confidence, establishing mentorship programs, providing role models, offering flexible learning options, creating a safe environment free from discrimination, and encouraging community engagement. This can be achieved by fostering an inclusive space where women feel confident to express themselves, learn from mistakes, and access resources regardless of gender. Mentorship programs and highlighting successful female role models can inspire learners, while flexible learning options accommodate diverse schedules. Ensuring a safe environment free from discrimination or harassment is crucial for women to focus on learning. Additionally, encouraging participation in English-speaking communities or events allows women to practice language skills and build confidence in real-life situations.

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Refiloe N. 

We have come such a long way when it comes to diversity, equality, and inclusion, but I believe we still have a long way to go to ensure that women’s contribution in the professional sphere and in society is regarded as that of men. In the online teaching environment, we could empower women to achieve their goals by encouraging them to actively participate in processes that are crucial for inclusivity and dominion in the teaching sphere such as leadership roles. It is important to encourage women to voice their opinions, making sure that they know that their opinions are valued, that they are strong, and that they are special. Another way to support women in the online teaching environment is by initiating programs that teach women how to be better parents to thrive in their personal lives and by taking courses that help women improve and work on their mental health continuously.

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Brandon L. 

Supporting and empowering women to achieve their goals is a collective responsibility that transcends personal identities and professional roles. It's about creating an inclusive environment that nurtures talent, ambition, and equality at every level.

Raising awareness about gender equality is pivotal in this journey. Educating ourselves and others about the challenges women face and the importance of gender equality can drive significant change. By fostering an environment that encourages dialogue and understanding, we can challenge stereotypes, dismantle prejudices, and build a foundation for true equality in the workplace and beyond.

Ensuring fair opportunities for all is another crucial step. This means advocating for policies that support work-life balance, equitable career progression, and an organizational culture that actively works to eliminate gender bias. By breaking down barriers to advancement, we pave the way for a more inclusive workplace where everyone's contributions are recognized and valued.

Celebrating the achievements of women is essential not only for recognition but also as a source of inspiration. Highlighting successes sets a positive example and builds a culture that appreciates diversity, innovation, and resilience.

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Alexuis P. 

As we all know, women are about half the population of the world. The idea of women's empowerment is fundamental to the advancement of society. Here are a few ways women can be empowered:

Education: As we all know, education is the key to success. EF has a continuous upskilling culture where teachers can attend refresher courses on different teaching techniques. I believe that not only does a woman’s confidence lie in her beauty but in her brains as well.

Mentorship: Mentoring is an excellent way to empower women by sharing and learning about their experiences. A mentor is your real-life GPS.

Promoting women in many ways: To recognize and encourage women's strong leadership and development as self-sufficient individuals and to increase women's self-assurance in their ability to grow. Teach women how to share information about the resources and opportunities available for support.

Empowering women is strategically and morally critical to the advancement of society. By realizing its urgency and putting these tactics into practice, women can take charge of their own lives, make meaningful contributions to society, and effect positive change, paving the way for a more promising and equitable future for all.

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Aria H. 

We can start off by ensuring that teachers are teaching in a way that treats both men and women equally, for example, by not using stereotypes and by being careful of what they are saying to avoid offending or saying something politically incorrect. This can foster a safe, respectful, and collaborative classroom atmosphere where all students feel comfortable expressing their ideas and sharing their experiences.

In addition, we need to encourage discussions on diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality, creating a safe space for students from different backgrounds and experiences:

- Emphasize the importance of respecting diverse perspectives and experiences in the classroom.

- Provide individualized feedback that acknowledges each student's unique strengths and areas for improvement.

- Offer support to students in setting achievable goals and navigating challenges when it is needed.

- Connect them with other role models and resources to help them succeed.

As educators, we have a responsibility to help each and every student reach their full potential regardless of gender, background or any other defining factors.

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Marc A. 

For me, it's a day to celebrate the remarkable achievements that women have made throughout history in various fields and for society overall. From Dorothy Hodgkin's pioneering work in science to Malala Yousafzai's advocacy for education, women have left their mark on history and pushed society forward. I think of figures like Emmeline Pankhurst, Michelle Obama, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg who have given us all courage and leadership to look up to. I think this day can serve as a powerful reminder of all their legacies and the ongoing need for recognition.

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Lethe Q. 

To support International Women’s Day, we need to first endorse the contributions women have made. We need to publicize women’s irreplaceable role in all aspects and let the world see what women can achieve and create. In 2023, women delivered remarkable results in the fields of sports, economics, and education. The most impressive case is Claudia Goldin, who won the Nobel Prize for her research on wome's earnings and labour market participation. At EF, we can also see women make up more than half of the top contributors. We need to spotlight and appreciate the efforts our female colleagues have made, and thus, create a better place for women to make a full play. On such a special day, let’s reflect together. Is the voice of women heard? Are women still stuck on ‘pink projects’? Have we given due respect and equal chance to the females in the workplace? If you’re trying to answer the questions above and thinking about how to make the answers positive in the future, then, that’s why we have International Women’s Day.



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