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Let’s meet the teachers – Vicky

Let’s meet the teachers – Vicky

Hey, there! Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Vicky Wang, but my Maltese teacher preferred to call me Victoria, which would sound more elegant. I heartily agree with her on this. I was born and raised in Luoyang, a representative city with 5000 years of history.

I learned a great deal from all my coworkers, partners, and friends worldwide—especially when I studied and traveled in the US and Europe. Two years of studying, working, and living in Malta, made me an independent and open-minded girl. I appreciate everything I have experienced, which makes up a precious album.

Coming to EF is one of the most amazing things in 2022. I have been teaching English online since 2018. Since then, I found out online teaching intrigues me a lot. It allows me and my students to know each other more personally, and they’ll have ample opportunity to ask questions and share their interests. Like the quote in EF: “In learning, you’ll teach, and in teaching, you’ll learn.” In addition, I could use diverse teaching methods and activities to engage the students to interact with me. That is so much fun!

Regarding the career tips, I consider that the teachers “play” as promoters: encouraging the students to keep going and suggesting what they can do next to help them to speak better. Most importantly, always reflect on yourself, be humble, and do non-stop learning, you will get on more hands-on experience.

When I have some window time, reading different types of books, working out at home, traveling, and baking is my favorite. Hope to see you somewhere my friend.


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