Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging at EF

At EF, we believe that our business, like our world, is better when we embrace diversity. We joyously celebrate all the ways we are different and are deeply committed to fostering inclusion and belonging across, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, caste, ability, parental status, and experience.

Our dedicated Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) team, together with DEIB Staff Ambassadors from EF businesses and associated organizations around the world, drive awareness and advocacy throughout our organization.

Below are a few highlights:

  • We invite you to read the letter from our CEO of North America sharing our five DEIB commitments to drive change at EF here.

  • We’ve prioritized DEIB globally and created teams in our key regions to address localized initiatives. Learn more here.

  • We reflected on the progress we made in 2020 and our key areas of focus for 2021. Learn more here.

  • We want potential hires to know our commitment to DEIB when browsing employment opportunities on our careers website here.

  • We have seven affinity groups at EF known as EFinity group that help staff build community within our organization including API@EF (Asian and Pacific Islander), Black @ EF, Indigenous @ EF, Jewish @ EF, LatinX+ @ EF, LGBTQ+ @ EF, and Parents @ EF.

Ultimately, we strive to foster safe interactions and experiences for our staff, customers, and suppliers and to create a space for mutual understanding in the world. There is a lot of work to be done, and we hope that each day we can continue to make a lasting impact.