Study abroad in London

Study abroad in London
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Tens of thousands of students a year study abroad in London. Will you be one of them? Jump in to the London scene on a short course, or make an investment in your future with a longer degree program. However long you study in London, you'll be participating in a popular movement and building lasting memories.

Hult International Business School

Bachelor's, master's, MBAs
Hult International Business School, Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit institution associated with EF Education First, with six locations.
Destination: United Kingdom
City: London

Study abroad in London

London's charms hardly need an introduction. Even if you've never visited the city, you've certainly heard plenty about it. Studying abroad in London has particular appeal. Because so many students study in London, the social scene is intense. It is easy to meet British students as well as students from around the world. There are many services specifically for students including low-cost tickets, clubs, and take-always. Our London school staff is well-informed about these offers and keep our students up to date on events around town, in addition to all the outings and activities we organize ourselves. Study in London and be a part of this exciting trend.

Accommodation options in London

You have several different accommodation options to choose from when you decide to study abroad in London. Many students choose to stay with a host family. Living with a host family lets you practice your English in a relaxed atmosphere. Others prefer to stay in one of our London student residences. We always put students of different native languages together, so you're sure to practice your English with your roommate. Staying in a student residence gives you more freedom to come and go as you please. Whichever accommodation option you choose when you study in London, our accommodation staff are always there to assist you during your stay.