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Second language

6 articles
Language and the brain: How learning a language at any age can support longevity
4 min read 4 min

Did you know that in England, you can receive a signed card from the King when you turn one hundred?...

Dream of speaking multiple languages? 3 polyglots share their secret tips
4 min read 4 min

Speaking multiple languages is a dream for many people. Becoming a polyglot — someone who speaks sev...

What is the best age to learn a language?
7 min read 7 min

Although our understanding of language learning is constantly evolving, persistent myths about child...

Bilingual is better (and here’s why)
7 min read 7 min

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”– Ludwig WittgensteinLanguage fuels our brai...

Why English speakers should learn a second language
5 min read 5 min

For those of us hailing from an English-speaking country, we are blessed to have learned English fro...

How to raise bilingual children: 5 methods
4 min read 4 min

The numerous cognitive, academic and social benefits of learning foreign languages have encouraged p...