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15 signs you studied abroad with EF
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Studying abroad is an experience unlike any other. It will open doors you never imagined and bring y...

EF Hosts: Russell and Shemane’s story
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Every year, thousands of EF Hosts open their homes to students from around the world. Meet Russell a...

EF Talks: Ms Gordon, a star EF host, on the power of a hug
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On a chilly autumn morning in London, Ms Gordon opened her front door and greeted us with a warm emb...

EF Talks: Rita, a seasoned EF host, on the art of a warm welcome
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We first met Rita at her home in Brighton, England. With her kind eyes and happy nature, Rita made u...

EF Talks: Barbara, a star EF host, on opening her home to the world
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With a lively and gentle dog named Guinness greeting every visitor with equal enthusiasm, grandchild...

Why choose a host family when learning a language abroad
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When it comes to traveling, many of us convince ourselves that it will be too overwhelming to ventur...

6 reasons to share your home with an international student
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When it comes to sharing, many of us share our lives with our friends, our families, and our neighbo...

How to help a student with homesickness: 7 tips for host families
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The key to a student having a fantastic, enriching study-abroad experience is embracing all the new ...

12 tips on how to live with a host family
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Studying abroad is full of adventures – everything is different and exciting, including your new (ho...

Challenges when hosting an international student & how to overcome them
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Hosting an international student is rewarding on many levels – from the opportunity for cultural exc...

Go-to meals for host families
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Sharing your culture with your international students at meal times is an easy way to welcome them i...