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10 hidden gems in Auckland
4 min read 4 min

Geographically blessed on New Zealand’s north island, Auckland is dotted with over 50 volcano cones,...

10 things you should know before moving to Auckland
min read min

Beautiful Auckland has appeared in many liveable city lists and recently came in third in the Mercer...

10 reasons to love Auckland
4 min read 4 min

A nature-first city packed with beaches, harbors, islands, and 48 dormant volcanoes? It could only b...

How to celebrate Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere (and why everyone should experience it once)
min read min

Far from snuggling up in warm winter jackets, come December the Southern Hemisphere’s residents are ...

10 reasons why New Zealand is the new hot spot to study
min read min

When planning to study abroad in the Southern Hemisphere, many students have their hearts set on Aus...

10 reasons to study English in New Zealand
min read min

With a proud Māori heritage, awe-inspiring natural wonders, easy access to extreme sports, and Briti...

5 holiday destinations that are also great to live in
min read min

Do you ever think to yourself ‘Oh boy, I could really get used to life here’ when you’re on holiday?...

The world’s friendliest city: Auckland infographic
min read min

At the edge of the Pacific, on an island most people will spend at least a day traveling to, lies Au...