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Should I travel with my BFF?

Should I travel with my BFF?

Traveling is great. I can’t stress this enough. But what makes traveling even better is when you share it with the perfect travel partner. You know, the one who has a similar rhythm, likes to do the same things you do, and is your go-to wingman/wingwoman. What’s even better is when that travel partner just so happens to be your best friend. Here are nine reasons why your best friend may also be your best travel partner.

1. Trip planning made fun

Not everyone loves trip planning; let’s be honest, it can be a real hassle. But when you can spend the day texting your friend about this great tapas bar in Barcelona you heard about or a film site from a Harry Potter movie you’re dying to see in Oxford, planning can actually be fun.

2. Packing is easier

Packing is worse than planning, at least in my opinion. But it totally helps to have someone to exchange packing list ideas with. Also, when your friend packs lighter than you, it teaches you how to pack the essentials and be more mobile during your trip. Talking about packing with your best friend may also motivate you to actually pack rather than just telling yourself you’ll do it later.

3. More inside jokes

You probably already have plenty, but you’ll have even more after you get lost biking through the islands of Malta, share a crazy taxi driver in Portugal, or spend the whole night out with a Japanese couple talking about the forests of Aokigahara. This is the real joy of traveling with your best friend: together, you will share moments abroad that no one else will ever really be able to understand.

4. Getting over it

It’s normal that after awhile, you might get annoyed by certain things your travel partner does, especially when you’re with someone for a long period of time. Nevertheless, by facing these annoyances head on and talking it out, you can usually find common ground, and your relationship will be stronger for it. Plus, since your best friend likely knows you better than most, they’ll also know how to make up after an argument. Thus, fights can be had, but they can also be resolved quickly – which is really beneficial on the road.

5. Do it for the gram

Instagram that is! This is where traveling with your BFF really comes in handy. First off, nobody knows your “good side” better than your best friend, and, even though you may get irritated when they ask to take the 30th selfie in a row, at least you know they will always aim to make you look your best. Vanity aside, pictures are always great to look back on and remember those fun moments from your trip.

6. Travel nicknames

When you meet new people during your travel, it’s hard to always remember everybody’s names, so making up fun nicknames is your secret weapon. Eventually you start becoming “those Australian boys” or “those ladies with the party finger.” I won’t explain that one. Of course, it’s always fun to think of your own duo-name.

7. Exiting the comfort zone

If there’s anything best friends are good for, it’s putting you in embarrassing situations and encouraging you to try something different. This is especially beneficial when you’re traveling. Without them, you may have never gone shark cage diving in South Africa or entered an all-you-can-eat taco competition in San Diego. I mean, the possibilities are endless and it’s always good to have your bestie push your limits, tacos and all.

8. Becoming one

Spending a lot of time with any one person eventually makes you act, speak, and think similarly. And while you probably love your friend for their different mannerisms and outlook on life, getting on the same page and acting as “one” is not such a bad thing when you’re on the road together. The best part is that by adopting a similar mentality and approach to your travels, you can get the experience of traveling alone without having to actually travel alone.

9. Best friends + travel = better friends

If you already thought you knew everything about your best friend, wait until you travel together. By traveling with your best friend, you will gain a deeper understanding of them as a person and build a stronger foundation of trust for your travels and years to come. I like to think that friends who travel together, stay together – plus, what’s an amazing trip to a new place without a best friend to share the experience with.

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