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Back to school: 5 reasons to get excited

Back to school: 5 reasons to get excited

After spending a summer full of sun, fun and naps, it’s time to dust those textbooks, follow schedules and study for exams. At first glance, this doesn’t sound like too much fun, but it’s actually something to really look forward to. Even if you’re only excited to go back to school because it will be another step toward graduation, here are 5 more reasons why going back to school is a reason to do a happy dance.

1. New everything

A new school year starts with so many new things: classmates, books, classes, school supplies, professors, classrooms or even a new school. You can start with a clean (new) slate and even completely reinvent yourself. It’s a bit like celebrating New Year’s Eve in the middle of the calendar year. Complete with new hopes, new dreams and maybe one or two resolutions.

2. Get back your independence

Summers are great: You can spend time with your family and your relatives – it’s like a long Christmas break, including too much food. But we all know how Christmas breaks sometimes end: You start fighting with your siblings over empty cereal boxes, dirty socks or remote controls – just like in the olden days. On top of that, you probably have to explain to everyone and their sister why you do/don’t have a significant other (a boy/girlfriend). And explain where you’re going why and for how long. So after a few weeks, going back to school and being on your own is the perfect escape – and makes returning home for Christmas break so much more exciting.

3. Friendship is in the air

For me, one of the most exciting reasons to go back to school is meeting new people. Of course you can do that throughout the semester, but there’s always a special atmosphere at the beginning of a new school year. If you’re going to a new school, these first few weeks are an exciting time to meet new people, hear new stories and make new friends –  maybe even friends for life.

4. The end of the summer brain drain

It’s time to train your brain again! Switching from vacation mode back into school mode can be tough – but there is officially such as thing as learning loss, and it can get especially bad during the summer. Just like your legs become restless after a long flight, your brain is excited to start working again. You might not agree when you have to go to class early in the morning but trust me, your grey matter will thank you.

5. Fun with Friends

Even the most active brain needs a break every now and then. School is not just about learning – it’s also a place where there’s always something fun to do and someone to hang out with. Just as important as studying for school is studying for life. After all, friendships have to be cultivated, adventures need to be experienced, and new places must be explored.

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