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Writer. Francophile. New Yorker. I spent the better part of the last decade bouncing around Australia, North America and Europe – until finding myself in Switzerland back in 2011. I love chopping vegetables, and my daughter – but not necessarily in that order.

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24 hours in (surprising) Toronto
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Toronto is one of North America’s coolest cities – but too many travelers skip the Canadian metropol...

24 Hours in (always sunny) San Diego
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It pretty much never rains in San Diego – it’s sunny 266 days a year — and the sun kind of defines t...

5 things about a New York state of mind
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OK, let’s get this straight – there’s no such thing as a ‘real New Yorker’. New York, more than anyt...

New York: An ode to the mighty Strand Bookstore
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18 miles of books. That’s about 5 miles longer than the entire island of Manhattan. And it’s all con...