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A recent college graduate who enjoys Cali-burritos, Irish coffees and getting out into nature. You can find me spiking volleyballs or volleying soccer balls almost anywhere I go – and if I could simultaneously carry my camera, I would. Currently based in sunny San Diego, California. Follow along on Instagram: connor_brennan

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10 best things to do in and around San Diego
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San Diego is known as “America’s finest city” and it holds that title for many reasons. Within a two...

8 reasons to quit winter and head to Cape Town
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While the days are getting shorter and the sun is lower in the sky back home, in Cape Town, the days...

Global citizen stories: Could Newton make you a more responsible traveler?
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As Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite ...

10 reasons why Ireland is the best place to study
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Looking for the perfect place to learn English (or indeed study anything else)? Here are ten reasons...

5 reasons why Cape Town is the best city in the world
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There are few places in the world that offer some of the greatest things in life in one neat and eas...

Talk like a Californian: 10 (more) expressions to master
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Californian expressions change like the seasons – we’ve already covered 10 key ones here – so here’s...

4 essential road trips in Southern California
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You’re finally in Southern California – the waves are gorgeous, the sun is always out and you’re bas...