How do I go off to Australia?

One of the simplest ways to go off to Australia is as a student. It’s relatively easy to get a student visa, assuming you’re enrolled in an accredited program, and Australian student visas allow you to work part-time to help finance your studies. There are many different types of schools where you can study as an international student in Australia, from universities to vocational schools, boarding schools to English immersion programs.

Studying in Australia is also a gateway to living there more permanently, if that turns out to be what you want to do. You’ll be able to find an internship or a job in Australia more easily if you have a local qualification. Job interviews are easier to get and more likely to result in hiring when you’re there in person.  Living in Australia for a time as a student immerses you in the culture and gives you time to make friends. Once you’re there, you can decide if staying on after your studies is something you want to do.

To go off to Australia:

  1. Find a program of study that interests you (tip: English courses in Australia are a good choice if you need flexibility)
  2. Apply to your chosen school
  3. Once accepted, take the paperwork provided by the school and apply for an Australian student visa
  4. Sort out the logistics (flight, accommodation, etc.)
  5. Away you go!

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