How can I go live in the UK?

One of the best ways to go live in the UK is to study there. You’ll find a huge range of courses in both public and private schools around the country for university-aged students as well as adults. Some of the study options are:

  • English language schools
  • Professional and vocational schools
  • Universities
  • Part-time continuing education institutes (Note: Most of these cannot provide Tier 4 visa support)

As a student, you’ll have support from your school, which makes transition to the UK much simpler. Your school can provide a room in a student residence, advise you on accommodation near campus, or help you find a host family. They can answer the questions that inevitably arise when you move to a new country. And your fellow students will give you a built-in social network. Having the support of some type of organization when you arrive in the UK will make your first months much easier.

Once you’re living in the UK as a student, you’ll have time to explore different neighborhoods, look into employment options, and decide what your next step is. This is all far easier to do from there than it would be from home. Also, by studying in the UK, you’re earning a local qualification. That’s a helpful thing to have if you’re considering working in the UK later on. Employers recognize British credentials more easily than foreign ones.

Whether you’re taking an English language course or you’re earning a master’s degree, studying in the UK is one of the simplest and most common pathways to living in the UK long-term.

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