How much does summer camp cost in Canada?

Our summer camp in Canada starts at $1,100 for a two-week English program. This price includes accommodation in a host family, meals, English lessons, activities, etc. The camp is designed for teens aged 14 and older and it’s appropriate for students with any level of English, from beginner to advanced. Students leave for summer camp in Canada as a group, accompanied by a tour leader on their flight. Once they’re in Vancouver, they meet up with students from other countries and form mixed nationality groups.

Summer camp in Canada is expensive because the cost of living is high in Canada and flights to Canada are not cheap. We can offer you payments in installments so that you can spread out the cost over several months without raising the price. Although summer camp in Canada costs a lot, if it’s what gets your child motivated to become fluent in English, the return on investment will be high.

Note: Prices accurate as of October, 2019.