How much does it cost to study in Canada?

It costs $14,990 to study in Canada with EF for a school year. Our English courses in Canada start at $600 per week with a minimum stay of two weeks. Those prices include accommodation with a host family, a meal plan, and some activities outside of class. There are many options to customize your studies in Canada, such as exam preparation, internship placement, and business English, and obviously those have an impact on price.

University tuition in Canada varies wildly by field of study and by university. You will have to prove a high level of English as part of the application process by taking the TOEFL or another standardized English test. For international students, university tuition in Canada costs on average 27,000 CAD per year for undergraduates but depending on your university and field of study, costs vary significantly. There’s a handy tool to help you calculate the cost of studying in Canada at a university.

Note: Prices accurate as of October, 2019.

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