How much does it cost to learn English in London?

Learning English in London costs about $700 a week. That’s the price for an English course with 3 or 4 lessons a day, accommodation, a meal plan, course materials, and some activities. You can plan to spend another $100 a week on metro and bus tickets, lunch, and pocket money. You’ll also need to arrange your transportation to and from London.

Our programs to learn English in London start at $1350 for two weeks of general English. Each additional week adds about $600. There are lots of specialized courses in London like business English, IELTS preparation, and internship placements which all affect the cost. If you’re thinking about learning English in London, get in touch for a personalized price quote. The cost of living in London is high, so if you’re looking for a cheaper place to learn English in England, you might consider other cities. We have English schools in 8 cities across the UK.

Note: Prices accurate as of October, 2019.

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