How much does it cost to learn English abroad?

Programs to learn English abroad usually run at least $600 per week including English lessons, accommodation, and a meal plan. You’ll be in charge of arranging your own transportation to the location of the course. For minors, transportation is usually included, but the price is raised accordingly. You should budget $100 per week for meals not included in your meal plan and other daily expenses, for a total cost of $700/week + flights.

There are lots of different countries where you can learn English abroad and they’re not all the same price. For a short course, staying as close as possible to home is the cheapest option. In Europe, Malta is the cheapest destination. Worldwide, India, the Philippines, and South Africa are low-cost places to learn English.

For longer courses, the cost of transportation is not a major factor since it is amortized across many weeks, so it’s best to choose a destination you feel excited about. The difference in cost to learn English for six months between the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia is insignificant.

Our English courses abroad start at $1070 for two weeks in Malta, but we offer a range of specialized, executive, and junior courses in cities around the world, all at competitive prices. Get in touch if you’d like a customized quote to learn English abroad.

Note: Prices accurate as of October, 2019.

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