How much does a language trip to the UK cost?

A language trip to the UK costs about $600 a week, with most programs lasting a minimum of 2 weeks. When transportation is included, the price will be higher, as is usually the case for English camps for children and teens who will travel to the UK together.  Our language trips to the UK start at $1190 for two weeks in Eastbourne without transportation. That includes 17 hours of English instruction per week, accommodation in a host family, course materials, a meal plan, and activities. These are prices for older teens and adults.

For children under 14, prices tend to be higher because of the added supervision. Specialized language trips to the UK like business English courses, test preparation programs, and private tutoring all cost a bit more. As a general rule, booking a longer language trip lowers the cost per week, although it’s really when you start to look at semester and year-long language trips in the UK that you see significant savings.

Different parts of the UK are more or less expensive for locals, but prices for language trips are only slightly variable by destination.  London, Oxford, and Cambridge tend to be slightly more expensive than other cities, but the main concern is that they sell out early, so you’ll need to book ahead. Booking off-season is another strategy to lower the cost of a language trip to the UK.

Note: Prices accurate as of October, 2019.

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