When’s the best time to go to China?

The best time to go to China is October or November. There will be fewer tourists than in the summer, and the weather is better. Of course China’s huge, so you should really look at the climate in the region you’ll be visiting before you decide when to go:

Beijing & NortheastHigh 3°, dryHigh 21°, occasional rainHigh 31°, rainyHigh 15°, occasional rain
Shanghai & East coastHigh 10°, rainyHigh 20°, rainyHigh 32°, rainyHigh 20°, occasional rain
Hong Kong & South coastHigh 20°, dryHigh 25°, occasional rainHigh 32°, rainy with risk of typhoonsHigh 26°, rainy with risk of typhoons (Sept & Oct)
Xian & Central ChinaHigh 5°, dryHigh 17°, occasional rainHigh 32°, rainyHigh 20°, occasional rain
TibetHigh 10°, dryHigh 18°, dryHigh 24°, rainyHigh 18°, dry except Sept


If you’re planning on spending a bit of time in China, consider starting your trip with a Chinese course. A short Chinese immersion program, living with a host family and sharing meals together, will give you a sense of daily life for local people. After your course, you’ll have enough Mandarin to impress your acquaintances and get around more easily during the rest of your stay. A Chinese course is an interesting addition to your trip regardless of when the best time to go to China is for you.

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