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Let’s meet the teachers – Geeta

Let’s meet the teachers – Geeta

My name is Geeta and I am from Kolkata, India.

I have been working as a Writing Corrector with EF since 2013, and I have had the privilege of correcting the texts submitted by students of EF worldwide for the past nine years.

I have been greatly impressed by the quality of work submitted by students and have, in my own small way, tried to guide them wherever they have faltered in terms of grammatical construction or spelling. I hope I have been able to contribute to the knowledge of the students in different parts of the world and helped them in their quest for a better life.

I am a qualified Homeopathic doctor. Although I do not practice on a commercial basis, I offer consultancy to my family and friends and also attend a charitable dispensary catering to the underprivileged sections of our society two days a week.

I find both the job of Writing Corrector and my honorary medical practice extremely rewarding as, in both cases, I am able to contribute to the welfare of my fellow human beings.

The best tip I can give to my students is to read lots of English language books and magazines which will enable them to achieve fluency in the language.

As the mother of a teenage daughter who is just entering college, I hardly have any time for pursuing hobbies which are reading and listening to old Hindi songs. I love the flexibility that my work at EF provides me and I hope I can continue to make a meaningful contribution to all my beloved students worldwide.


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