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Choosing the right social media channel as an online teacher

Choosing the right social media channel as an online teacher

Following on in my personal brand series, in this blog I will be talking about different social media channels and how to pick the right one for you as an online teacher.   

Currently, there is an abundance of social media platforms and that can be overwhelming; but creating brand awareness and becoming a true leader through social media in this industry can be easier than you think. Here are three tips to get you off the ground. 


Build the foundations of your personal brand  

It may sound obvious as you may have an idea of what you want your personal brand to look like, but in order to create a real impact, you must lay the foundations of your brand first. Real foundations, from self-awareness all the way to your brand core assets. Reflect, think about your story, and write things down. Building the essence of your personal brand will help you to tell a compelling story, keep consistency throughout your content, stand out from the crowd, and be memorable. So, if you haven’t started with this step yet, pause, go and check my blog about Building your brand as an online teacher, and come back to this blog for the next steps.  


 Define what type of content you will create  

Each platform has its own rules, strengths, and types of audience. Before you get frustrated from creating curated profiles on multiple channels or trying to create content on a platform just because it’s trendy, think about how you want to share your voice. Podcasts, blogs, short videos, long videos, graphics, and more. There are many ways in which you can share your content. Not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera, not everyone is comfortable writing, and you don’t have to be everywhere at the same time to be relevant. So, think about your brand message, how you want to communicate it, and what your strengths are to create something that works for you and not based on the success of others. 


 Start with one social media platform  

It takes time to learn about them, and as I mentioned before, it may be difficult to understand what may or may not work for you. I’d recommend that you choose just one social media platform to start with depending on the kind of content you want to create. Do some research and think about where your target audience might be spending time and commit to that platform for a certain amount of time. As an English teacher, you could direct your content to people who want to learn English (students) or to other teachers like you. Either way, you should keep in mind that not every social media platform is suitable for every personal brand or every type of content, so don’t force it, enjoy what you do and what you share, experiment, and find that sweet spot that works for you and your audience — no matter how big or small that audience is 😉  


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