Voix passive et voix active

Les phrases écrites avec la voix active sont bien plus simples a comprendre que les phrases passives. Transformer la voix passive en voix active est régulier, mais il faut s’entraîner avant que ça ne devienne automatique. Dans le tableau ci-dessous, notez que le temps du verbe to be à la voix passive est le même que le temps du verbe principal à la voix active. Pour utiliser la voix active, bien sur, il faudra rendre l'acteur explicite.

To Keep, voix active et passive

Temps Voix active Voix passive Phrase active Équivalent passif
Présent simple keep is kept I keep the butter in the fridge. The butter is kept in the fridge.
Présent progressif is keeping is being kept John is keeping my house tidy. My house is being kept tidy.
Passé simple kept was kept Mary kept her schedule meticulously. Mary's schedule was kept meticulously.
Passé progressif was keeping was being kept The theater was keeping a seat for you. A seat was being kept for you.
Présent parfait have kept have been kept I have kept all your old letters. All your old letters have been kept.
Passé parfait had kept had been kept He had kept up his training regimen for a month. His training regimen had been kept up for a month.
Futur simple will keep will be kept Mark will keep the ficus. The ficus will be kept.
Conditionnel Présent would keep would be kept If you told me, I would keep your secret. If you told me, your secret would be kept.
Conditionnel Passé would have kept would have been kept I would have kept your bicycle here if you had left it with me. Your bicycle would have been kept here if you had left it with me.
Présent Infinitif to keep to be kept She wants to keep the book. The book wants to be kept.
Parfait Infinitif to have kept to have been kept Judy was happy to have kept the puppy. The puppy was happy to have been kept.
Participe présent & gérondif keeping being kept I have a feeling that you may be keeping a secret. I have a feeling that a secret may be being kept.
Participe parfait having kept having been kept Having kept the bird in a cage for so long, Jade wasn't sure it could survive in the wild. The bird, having been kept in a cage for so long, might not survive in the wild.