Learn English in Canada

Learn English in Canada
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It's a lot of fun to learn English in Canada. The pace of life is relaxed and people are friendly. Whether you study English in one of our long term Canadian programs or just spend a summer break in a school in Canada, you won't regret the time you spend improving your English in this great country. Find out more about our programs today!

Learn English in Canada

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EF English Courses in Canada

EF English Courses in Canada

16+ years
2-52 weeks
in Canada
Learn English in Canada. We offer courses for all levels – results guaranteed! Start any Monday, year-round.
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Why learn English in Canada?

Canada is the world's second-biggest country, stretching from deep in the Arctic north to the US border in the south. This enormous land is home to some of the world's friendliest and most welcoming people, and makes for a stress-free place to work on your English. When you learn English in Canada with us, you can expect lots of encouragement from everyone around you--our teachers, school staff, new friends, and even people you've just met. Studying English in Canada guarantees you a positive, efficient environment to study in: just the thing you need to make maximum progress in the time you have available.

Choosing where to live

Since you've decided to study English in Canada, the next step is to decide where to live. Try a homestay with a local family for a full-sized dose of that famous Canadian friendliness. On a homestay, your English practice starts with your morning bowl of cereal and ends when your head hits the pillow at night. You'll build a lasting connection to your host family and pick up local expressions you won't learn anywhere else. If your lifestyle is more independent, our student residences are the perfect choice. Team up with new friends also learning English in Canada and explore the sights around town.

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