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Born with a severe case of wanderlust, you can find me trying to fill my English passport with new stamps, accompanied by a backpack, my camera and a snorkel. In between dreaming of adventures that combine snowboarding and diving, I'm a travel writer in Bristol, blog at www.thebrisdionblog.com, and tread the thin line between impressive and worrying coffee consumption. @emmabrisdion

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Good friends make fantastic memories, but the best kind of friends are the ones with whom you have a...

20 English idioms that everyone should know
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Idioms. Native English speakers love using them in conversation, and you’ll often find them popping ...

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How to make yourself more competitive in the job market: 5 tips
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10 reasons why travel is the best education (and why life without it would be dull)
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Leaving your own four corners and setting out into the world is the best decision you’ll ever make. ...

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The surprising reason everyone should live abroad at least once
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The opportunities for travel are great, the new experiences you have are fun, the people you meet ar...

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How to live like a local (and feel at home from day one)
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It’s easy to feel alone, confused and even a little scared when moving to a new city. It takes a whi...

10 reasons why Lisbon should be on your travel bucket list
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Built across seven hills with the river Tagus flowing through its heart and occupying a stretch of s...

Why learn Arabic
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One of the worlds most widely-spoken languages, though not often taught in schools outside of the Mi...