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5 things to do in Tokyo on a budget
4 min read 4 min

Embarking on a budget-friendly adventure in Tokyo doesn't mean you need to miss out. Whether you...

5 things to do in Seoul on a budget
4 min read 4 min

It seems these days that the world has fallen in love with everything South Korean. From K-pop to Os...

How to save for a gap year: 10 things to start with today
5 min read 5 min

If there is one piece of advice that I could offer to anyone, it would be to travel. Travel as much ...

How to travel on a budget: Our 9 best tips
4 min read 4 min

Exploring exotic places doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you certainly don’t need to win the lotte...

How to save money while traveling
4 min read 4 min

You’ve done it: You’re on the road or just landed in a new country, and you’re ready to start explor...

How to plan a dream trip on a budget: 7 tips
4 min read 4 min

There’s a common misconception among would-be jetsetters that traveling the world is impossible unle...

Get your bargain on: 5 easy steps
2 min read 2 min

Whether it’s Green Market Square in Cape Town, the Bazaar Marzouk in Marrakech or Silk Street in Bei...