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The ultimate summer guide to Brighton
4 min read 4 min

When the sun is shining, there’s only one place that Brits want to be: by the sea! Since the 1800s, ...

10 hidden gems in Brighton
4 min read 4 min

Brighton is quirky, cool and chock-full of hidden gems that give this seaside city its undeniable ch...

10 things you should know before moving to Brighton
min read min

Brighton, baby! So, you’re thinking of moving to one of the UK’s most vibrant and exciting cities, c...

10 reasons to love Brighton
min read min

Brighton is packed with the kind of vibrance and fun that some might mistake for insanity. Known to ...

10 best summer cities in the world
6 min read 6 min

Life’s just better when the sun is shining. To get you ready for another epic summer, we’ve compiled...

10 reasons why Brighton is the place to be in the summer
min read min

Brighton is a vibrant and outgoing city and, despite being smaller than its cosmopolitan cousin, is ...

Homesick & hungry? 10 places to feel better in Brighton
min read min

Living abroad for the first time is one of life’s greatest experiences – but sometimes it can also f...

614 million pebbles and more: Brighton Infographic
min read min

Combining the best of London with the easygoing atmosphere of a seaside town, Brighton is one of Eng...

24 hours in (crazy cool) Brighton
min read min

I’m in love with Brighton and thank my lucky stars that I get to live and work here. When I got the ...