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Life is magical

Life is magical

“Life is magical. I don’t think I have ever appreciated every day in my life as much as I do now. And I guess it’s something I have learned by being here, and hopefully something I will bring home with me. I will remind myself everyday that existence is a gift – and one of the better ones…

Something that has changed since I got here is definitely my guts. I dare more. I have had some adrenalin rushes here, that’s for sure. Skydiving was obviously the craziest thing ever, but last Sunday I went to Six Flags and tried a ride that is a little wilder that the other ones – it also costs extra money. But my friend and I decided to try it. And even though I almost peed in my pants, it was awesome! What a rush!

Besides that I’ve just enjoyed myself in beautiful California, have had some good food and just hung out with a lot of amazing people.” “I believe that meeting people from other countries is important; it gives you a wider point of view and a bigger picture of what the world is like. Meeting new cultures, traditions and norms will create respect, interest and knowledge that you will always have with you.

I have traveled a lot my whole life which I truly believe have created who I am today, so I can’t pick one experience that stands out in importance. I think all my experiences are important, small or big, short or long, and they have all somehow mattered to me. They have given me and taught me a lot, so I wish for everyone to travel as much as possible and meet as many different nationalities as possible. Without that I don’t know who I would have been today, and I can’t imagine my life without it…

I think traveling is a part of growing up; it is education itself…”

– Nadja in Los Angeles (ILS student in 2012)

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