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Best of 2014: Most popular articles

As 2014 draws to a close, a quick look back at the year’s most popular articles is in order. From 130 pieces on travel, language learning, career and culture published this year, these stood out as your firm favorites.

Enjoy the trip down memory lane and have a very happy and relaxing start to the New Year. See you in January!

– Your EF Blog team

The Big Apple in a nutshell: New York infographic

There’s no city like New York, and this infographic shows you exactly why.

Mystery solved: 5 theories that explain Stonehenge

We bet you’ve heard of Stonehenge (maybe even visited), but do you actually know what it’s all about? Our lovely Madeleine explores some of the theories surrounding this famously mysterious site in this post.

Mind the gap: Why it’s good to take some time off

Stuck? Frustrated? Not sure what your next step will be? Taking some time off might be just the right thing for you.

10 travel photography tips that will help raise your game

Love to take pictures while traveling? We have 10 must-read tips on how to raise your game and have your friends oohing and aahing next time you post some travel photos.

Talk like a true Brit: 8 + 8 expressions to master

There’s nothing better than a crisp British accent, right? We’ve got 16 quintessentially British expressions for you to learn in 2 easy lessons here and here.

Talk like an American: 6 words you have to know

Maybe the British accent isn’t your thing. Maybe you’d prefer to sound like Taylor Swift – here are 6 quick words and expressions that should do the trick.

5 easy languages to learn

Did you know that English is actually one of the world’s easiest languages to learn? True story.

The best way to boost your brainpower? Learn a language

Did you know that your brain becomes denser (= stronger) if you speak or learn to speak a new language? More fun facts on our brain-boosting post.

6 steps to CV heaven (and to the top of the pile)

Need a few quick tips and tricks on how to make your CV stand out from the crowd? We’ve got you covered with some exclusive tips in this post.

Job huntin’: 8 things every 20-something should know

Looking for a job? These tips will help you ace the (sometimes painful) process.

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